Branding Success Factor 5

Constant evaluation and iteration.

They say the only constant is change. And your brand should be no different. Even though you may feel your branding initiative is ‘finished’, it needs to change over time to accommodate changes in the organization and the context in which it functions.

Making continuous changes and iterations to the brand assumes two factors; awareness and resources.

Many NPOs get so busy ‘doing’ that they don’t take the time to reflect on why they are doing it. Weeks, months and years can go by without anyone taking the time to evaluate the effectiveness of the brand. Therefore, the organization needs to make the intentional decision to routinely evaluate the brand message to ensure it aligns with the organization’s current values, mission and context. Is the brand doing what we think it is doing?

However, constant evaluation and maintenance of the brand requires dedicated resources, otherwise the NPO risks communicating the same message through the same platforms to the same people and fails to reach a broader audience. Unfortunately, for many reasons outside the control of the NPO, branding activities are relegated to a staff members’ ‘down-time’ and the work is done ‘off the side of someone’s desk’. Funders, for-profit organizations and the NPO need to do better to make the necessary resources available and accessible.


Has the organization determined who is responsible for maintaining the brand?

Does the organization have evaluation tools and resources in pace to continuously monitor its brand equity?



About Darcy McDonald

Exploring the intersection between social innovation and evaluation.

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