Branding Success Factor #3

Make organizational change where necessary to ensure resources are dedicated to the branding initiative

The most common obstacle to branding mentioned by NPOs is the inaccessibility of branding expertise.  Since they do not have budget lines to pay for branding initiatives, branding activities become overwhelming and are subsequently deprioritized.  Even organizations that would like to better manage their brands often lack the expertise to make informed decisions based on best-practices and experience.

One solution, often mentioned by branding experts in the for-profit context, may require a re-evaluation of the organization’s existing structure to ensure branding receives the resources it needs to be successful.  Although making changes to an organization’s structure can be more difficult in the not-for-profit context, it should not be over-looked as a necessary element to a successful branding initiative.

 In what ways does the organizational structure need to be changed or leveraged to ensure the branding initiative is consistent across the organization? Have resources and expertise been identified and allocated to the branding initiative?


About Darcy McDonald

Exploring the intersection between social innovation and evaluation.

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