Branding Success Factor #2

Develop and articulate a clear brand promise. 

Brand can play an important role in pushing the organization to develop a succinct, clear articulation of its core purpose.  Internally constituents are able to articulate a consistent message while externally potential constituents are able to understand why the social mission is important to the health of the broader community.

A clear brand promise is the benchmark by which all interactions, activities, programs, services, and relationships can be evaluated to ensure they align with the social mission.  It provides the organization with focus, direction, and identity, which becomes especially important for pitching ideas to existing and potential funders and donors.


Can the voices of all constituent groups (clients, funders, volunteers, employees, board members, partners, and community stakeholders) be heard through the brand promise?


Tips on Clarifying the Brand Promise

  • Is it brand promise relevant to all constituent groups?   (brand relevance)
  • Will the brand promise create active loyalists? (brand loyalty)
  • Is the brand image consistent across constituent groups?  (brand image)
  • Are all constituents aware of the brand promise?  (brand awareness)
  • Is the brand promise something that all constituent groups can align to their individual identities?  (brand identity)

About Darcy McDonald

Exploring the intersection between social innovation and evaluation.

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