Branding Success Factor #1

Be clear about how the organization and its leaders are defining the concept of brand.

Begin by asking people within your organization to describe what the concept of brand means to them.

Some people will highlight traditional branding activities such as the logo, Facebook notifications, newsletters, the website or yearly reports.  Usually these activities will be characterized by one-to-many communications about the message the organization has prepared and disseminated.

Others will mention branding activities used to create an irresistible brand such as online discussion groups or off-line community events in which an experience shared with constituents is designed to create stronger, deeper relationships with the community. Generally, these activities demonstrate the brand promise through action, are constituent-centric, and are communicated through many-to-many communication.

In many cases there can be a disconnect between what the organization thinks it is doing and what it is actually doing.

Is your organization attempting to build an irresistible brand by using traditional branding approaches?  Are your branding activities aligned with your branding objectives?


About Darcy McDonald

Exploring the intersection between social innovation and evaluation.

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