Do you have active loyalists?

Customers and constituents can be divided into two broad groups based on their loyalty and devotion to the brand.

Active loyalists usually small in number, are ardent and vocal supporters of the brand (Court, Elzings, Mulder, & Vetvik, 2009).  In the not-for-profit sector, active loyalists are created when constituents are able to experience the fulfillment of a social mission with which they have a personal connection.

Passive loyalists (also called slacktivists), usually the larger group, are mildly committed to the brand and will change their brand choice quite easily (Court,, 2009).  In the not-for-profit sector, a passive loyalist is a person that forwards an e-mail notification about an NPO event but does not attend themselves.

The Main Point:  For an NPO, increasing its influence and visibility in the community rests with its ability to convert passive loyalists into active loyalists.  How many opportunities do your passive activists have to experience your social mission?

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Court, D., Elzings, D., Mulder, S., & Vetvik, O. J. (2009). The Consumer Decision Journey.  The McKinsey Quarterly.


About Darcy McDonald

Searching for ways that the not-for-profit sector can leverage the lessons learned by the for-profit sector.


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